Towards A Biblical Spirituality for Today

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A Two-Part Course entitled “Towards a Biblical Spirituality for Today”.

The aim of this two part course is to explore how reading the New Testament can nourish our search for a spirituality that is relevant for our lives today. In the first part we will take time to consider the “Our Father”. This prayer with which we are so familiar offers us a profound insight into how Jesus saw our relationship with God, ourselves and one another. Understanding its depth will transform the way we read the gospels and our approach to prayer.
In the second part we will consider how the parables of Jesus invite us into an imaginative space and challenge to consider how God is at work in the world around us and how we are called to respond to that presence.

Led by Sean Goan

Part one 

Believing as Jesus believed: Exploring the Father

Dates: Four Wednesdays Sept 27th Oct 4th 11th 18th

Part Two 

The Reign of God in story: Exploring the Parables

Dates: Four Wednesdays Feb 28th March 6th 13th 20th


Price: €10 per session


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