Ashram Retreat November 19th – 21st 2021

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Facilitator: The Ashram Team 

A weekend retreat following the pattern of what occurs in an ashram 

Ashram comes from the Indian Spiritual tradition. There are now over 150 Christian Ashrams in India. A person would go to an Ashram to be immersed in Spirituality, Meditation and opening oneself to experience God.

Date: November 19th-21st 

Cost: €200.00 Residential includes vegetarian meals  

Non-Residential cost: €60.00 per day includes lunch

A typical Day in an ashram involves light exercise, several sessions of meditation, deep relaxation, prayer, a lot of silence and reflection, some yoga style exercises, Satsang or a reflection session concluding at 4.00pm Sunday. Vegetarian meals will be provided throughout the retreat. If you have a yoga mat and small blanket bring them along, also loose comfortable clothing.

Due to Covid – 19 restrictions there are limited spaces available on this retreat so please book early to avoid disappointment


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